About Us

We are a Turn Key business; which means we can help you with many parts of your event.
Allie’s Catering is a family owned and operated business so we treat all out customers as family.
We always give thanks to
God for allowing us to do what we love to do.
Allie’s prides itself for our great down home southern service.
We serve home style comfort food with a smile.
We specialize in reasonably priced catering for all your specia
l event.

Here are a few references for you to read:

Stefani "Perez" Blackwell  stefania.blackwell@gmail.com
Jean and her family were absolutely amazing! They made sure everything was perfect for our wedding reception.
There are a great deal of caterers out there, but there was something special
about Jean and the way she treated us like family.
My husband and I were so grateful for all the hard work that Jean and her staff provided.
The food was delicious and we have guests that still talk about how great the food was!
I refer her to all my friends and family. Besides for being a wonderful caterer, she is a wonderful woman.
Thank you again for all that you did to ensure we had a wonderful wedding reception!
God bless,
Stefani & Chris Blackwell

From: "Evans, Karen" <kevans@fulbright.com>
To: "jeanb@alliescatering05.com" <jeanb@alliescatering05.com>,
"dallasdjgirl@yahoo.com" <dallasdjgirl@yahoo.com>
As I sit here tonight reflecting on how my first wedding event went, I cannot stop thinking about how blessed I have been to
meet and work with you both.  You guys ROCK!!  Even under terrible, terrible circumstances, you both exhibited unbelievable
work ethic and grace.  I simply cannot thank you both (and your crew, Jean, they were WONDERFUL!!!) for all you did to
make Kourtney and Greg's evening a HUGE success.  I think they will look back on it as an awesome evening and it would not
have been possible without your efforts. Please know that I adore each of you and look forward to working again with you in
the near future.  If there is ANYTHING I can do to help your business, please let me know.  I am definitely a huge fan of you
guys and am in your corner forever for what you did for me tonight.  
Hope to work with you again soon in a much, much cooler venue.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I simply cannot say how much I appreciate your efforts tonight.  

You made me look good.  :)

Despres/Grelle Wedding
From: "Kourtney Grelle" <kourtneygrelle@yahoo.com>
To: admin@alliescatering05.com
Hello Jean, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your hard work on our wedding day. I know we had several
setbacks with the heat and the venue manager. But your professionalism and that of your staff truly impressed me. We received
so many compliments on the wonderful food and the amazing service. I truly can't brag on you enough! We even enjoyed our "to-
go" plates later that evening at the hotel. Your food is wonderful, but the person behind it was such an added bonus! I would be
happy to refer anyone to Allie's Catering, and have been looking online to give you excellent reviews.
We will certainly use your services in the future.

Thanks again and God Bless.
Kourtney Grelle and Gregory Despres

From: "Lisa Kerby" <lkerby@fossil.com>
To: "'jeanb@alliescatering05.com'" <jeanb@alliescatering05.com>Jean,
I think everything was a success on Sunday.  The wedding was beautiful and I didn’t have to worry about a thing.
Thank You,

Lisa Kerby Stores Accounting
Phone - 972-629-2684

From:"Catherine Behl" <cmb32557@yahoo.com>  
Subject: Re: wedding
To: "Allie's Catering" <admin@alliescatering05.com>
Dear Jean, You guys were really good and the food was delicious.
We would definitely use you again. I would be glad to write a letter or feel free to give my number out for referrals.
We appreciate your service and your family was great. Thanks for helping us make our wedding go smooth.
Also, having your son attend to the parents of the bride was fabulous! My husband really loved that part!!!
He is so polite and courteous, what an asset to your business. Your daughter was also wonderful when I spoke to her on the
phone and in the cafeteria.
Sincerely, Catherine

From:"Pattie Moore" <pattie_moore@yahoo.com>   
Subject:Re: Wedding Caterer
To: lianelewis@sbcglobal.net
Jean and her crew did a great job for us.  We don't hesitate in making a recommendation.

From:"Debbie Goode" <djogoode@hotmail.com>     
To:"Allie's Catering" <admin@alliescatering05.com>
Subject: RE: thank you
We enjoyed meeting your family very much.  I think everything went very well
...except  for the numerous things I "goofed" up.  You girls were great!
Thanks for everything!
Debbie Goode

From: "Heather Wallace" <heatherw810@yahoo.com>   
Subject: Re: refrence
To: "Allie's Catering" <admin@alliescatering05.com>
Hello Jean!! Everything went well!!  Thank you SO MUCH!!  The food was absolutely DELICIOUS!!
Thank you again for doing this for us on such short notice!! Thank you!!!!
Heather & Garrett

From: "Doug Schlumpf" <d_schlumpf@msn.com>  
To: admin@alliescatering05.com
Subject: thanks
I want to thank you again for all your help in making this day a success for us.  We could not
have pulled this off without you and your family's help.  Everything went over so well.  And yes,
feel free to use us for a reference anytime.  If you want, once we get the photographs from the
photographer, we can email you pictures of the way you had the hall decorated to use.
Anyway, thanks again and please keep in touch.
Doug and Maria Schlumpf